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Fact: Employees cause 2/3 of all data breaches.

Having robust IT security won't stop most data breaches from occurring. Some employees may break rules while others may simply be careless or not understand proper procedures resulting in a devastating data breach damaging your brand and reputation -- or even putting you out of business. Training is the critical first step in understanding the necessary safeguards that should be employed to minimize instances of employee-caused data breach.

Last year, the Wall Street Journal reported on a survey by the Association for Corporate Counsel that found "employee error" as the most common reason for a data breach.

No Company is Immune

No business owner can watch every employee, every moment of every day. And since not all employees have the same talent and dedication, the security of any business truly rests in the hands of its weakest employee.

The good news is that data can be protected, but it’s vital that all employees receive the proper training to do so. Our fundamental Employee Data Security Training Video Series educates employees, helping them become an integral part of overall data security. This greatly reduces the risk of a devastating data breach. Our Employee Data Security Training Videos improve the knowledge of employees, increasing their understanding of risks and how to avoid them.

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Focused on Your Business

People hear “training” and think they’re going to spend countless hours away from running their business listening to complex and boring information that employees will find hard to grasp. That’s what separates our videos apart. Our series is “laser focused” with your employees in mind. They provide specific and targeted information in an engaging and efficient format that will appeal to everyone in your organization from your front line employee to your mail room worker.

"96% of data breaches are avoidable with simple controls."

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