Our Management Team

John Martin


For more than 35 years John has managed a variety of companies at the executive level, including start-ups, developing companies and major corporations.

His previous positions have included president of Invision Multimedia, Inc., and managing member of Privacy Solutions LLC, which was one of the first identity theft prevention and data breach reaction firms that sold its solutions to major corporations beginning in 2003.

He was also president of Invision, Inc., a division of Louis & Partners and a nationally recognized marketing design firm. With John’s leadership, Invision worked with Time Warner to launch its cable Internet access service, Road Runner. John was also executive vice president of PWLC where he guided this fledging company from 10 to more than 80 locations and increased profitability in 18 months.

Additionally, John was general sales manager for Teledyne Monarch Rubber’s Industrial Tire Division where he was responsible for sales, marketing, advertising and the general day-to-day operations of the division, driving it to become one of Teledyne’s (NYSE) “Top Ten Most Profitable Divisions.”

George Roe

Business Development

George brings over 20 years of executive management experience in the mortgage and non profit technologies industry.

His previous positions include President of National Foundation for Debt Management, a national housing and debt counseling organization, and President of Challenge Financial, a multi-state mortgage lender.

While at NFDM, Mr. Roe helped launch multiple housing counseling technologies, one of which remains an industry leader today. Under his watch, Mr. Roe sought and gained approval with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, as a Multi State Organization, and led NFDM to become the premier agency in the Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure Counseling industry, preventing over one thousand senior homeowners from foreclosure.

Under Mr. Roe, NFDM also contracted with the State of Florida as the only agency to provide loss mitigation counseling for FL seniors under the ELMORE program. He graduated from Albion College with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Nathaniel Stensland


Nathaniel is a 15-year veteran with experience at Fortune 500, technology, and start-up technology firms.

He was the president/lead software engineer and developer of Ockmonek, a software development and IT consulting firm. Nathaniel was also the senior software engineer at Lexis/Nexis where he worked on continued development of a cloud-processing network.

Additionally, he was lead software engineer at RiskWise where he led and built the Risk-Wise platform, which was acquired by Lexis Nexis. He specializes in developing proprietary distributed cloud processing networks and internal data processing systems for predictive analytics/risk management.

Sheri Petrosek


Sheri is an information technology professional with over 25 years experience and has worked at Fortune 100 and start-up technology firms.

Her previous positions include project manager at Federal Express where she was responsible for technology solutions for customers such as Dell computers, K-Mart, Sears and The Limited. Sheri was also the customer service manager for Roadway Express, where she was one of five employees selected for a $25 million start-up subsidiary and was responsible for designing, developing, and implementing internet technology solutions.

Sheri’s managed product support, technical and customer documentation and sales training. Sheri was also a corporate communications coordinator for Bemis Company and handled all marketing collateral, press releases, Internet project management and newsletters. She received her Information Technology Degree from The University of Akron and her Business Administration Degree from Malone University.

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