Employee Data Security Training Videos

Training is the critical first step in understanding the necessary safeguards that should be followed to minimize data security breaches.

Employees play a critical role in that process. Our nine data security training videos help improve your employees' knowledge of data breach risks, increase their understanding of those risks and learn how to avoid them.

Protecting your company's data not only protects your business, it helps protect your employees' jobs.

Employee Awareness Employees will be taught the importance of making smart decisions to protect your company's data, which in turn can help protect their jobs.
Confidential Information Learning what data needs to be protected is vital. This module will focus on identifying confidential information and some steps to take to minimize the risk of losing this information.
Passwords Implementing a strong password policy is a critical step in protecting confidential user information. This module will explain how to maintain the security of confidential information through the use of strong passwords.
Data Breach Preparedness Employees will be taught how to identify data breaches and report them to appropriate people in your company. This module will define a data breach; provide examples of different kinds of breaches, and communicate best practices to employees on what next steps to take should they discover a breach.
Mobile Devices With the proliferation of mobile devices, hackers have more targets and points of entry when attempting to steal data or gain access to a corporate network. This module will cover effective habits for preventing the loss of or unauthorized access to mobile devices.
Physical Security Physical security is often over looked when preparing for data breaches, increasing the chance unauthorized parties can get their hands on items like laptops, servers, and paper files. This module will cover the five key principles for improving physical security.
Electronic Communications Emailing, texting and messaging are common work tools today. Employees will be taught the best practices to safeguard data when using mobile devices.
Data Destruction Keeping data secure sometimes means eliminating it, which can also save the firm money by reducing data storage costs.This module discusses what, when, and how confidential information should be destroyed.
Minimum Necessary The "minimum necessary" rule is essential for data breach prevention. Information that should be safeguarded should only be used for a specific purpose or function. Employees will be taught that the best way to secure data is to avoid accessing, using or disclosing it in the first place.

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